Landscape construction involves selecting appropriate materials and proper design to suit your lifestyle. Since 1985 Evergreen Environments has specialized in construction of sundecks, ponds, waterfalls, interlocking stone walkways & driveways, natural stone boulders planting & lighting, to complete your environment. Your landscape renovation will appreciate in value as time passes and makes your home a marketable property at re-selling time.

Tips from the experts: 10 ways to bring new life to your home

You can really do a lot of unique things to make the design of the interior of your home look inviting and to give a renewed update. Here are some fresh tips that are easy to do and that will not require an abundance of money to do so.

1. Roses are beautiful. Preserved roses that are at the peak of perfection in a shade of red and that are glazed and trimmed with 24 karat gold certainly make a real statement. They can be displayed in their velvet case opened on a dresser in the bedroom or on a table in the living room or dining room. You can even purchase three or more of these and place them in a vase if you so desire. They will make a real statement.

2. Paint goes a long way. You can freshen up any space with some good quality paint. It doesn't have to be the most expensive paint. But it should be a good quality paint that will cover the walls well, so that the old paint will not show through. This allows you to change the color of your rooms and to thus create a whole new ambiance to your home.

3. Create a feature wall in a room by putting wallpaper on one wall. This works especially nice for powder rooms. It works well in dining rooms where a side console is and it works well for bedrooms on the wall where the headboard is.

4. If a room is dark, add some lamps. They create a nice environment to a room. Get some table lamps and at least one floor lamp for some real charm and drama. They really do all add a lot of character to a room.

5. Change the sinks and faucets. Getting a new sink in the kitchen can really add a statement, especially if you get a big white one with the addition of a high rise faucet. This type of styling is classic, timeless and elegant; and it will go with most décor.

6. Buy a new table cloth. Just simply putting a new table cloth on a kitchen table or a dining room table can create a whole new look. If your walls are neutral, you can really play around well with table clothes by buying ones in various colors. Try a cranberry color, a bright yellow or even patterned ones for more flare.

7. Get some new area rugs. They look great under a kitchen or dining room table, at the end or side of your bed, in front of the sofa and in your main lobby. They come in a variety of colors and patterns that add so much flare and fanciness to a room in a very nice way. They make a lovely statement indeed. If you are more of a toned down person in relation to your style preferences, then you can get some carpets in solid shades instead of ones with patterns.

8. Change your kitchen or living room blinds or curtains. This will change the style of any room instantly and makes for a fresh, uplifting look.

9. Adding pillows and cushions to your bench seating, bay window seating, living room sofa or bed makes a really stylish statement. Incorporate different types of styles, shapes, sizes, textures, colors and patterns.

10. Bring in the trees. Adding either living or artificial trees brings a nice element of nature to a room and creates a sense of elegance. Tree make any room seem extra special. Try one even in the bathroom if there is room.

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